Between Nothing and Nowhere

by Dead Split Egos

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Engineered and Produced by Nick Casasanto
Mixed and Mastered by Joe Scaletta of Word of Mouth Recordings
Album Art by Katie Schrapler


released December 26, 2014

Nick Toppel - Guitar and Vocals
Brett Sullivan - Bass and Vocals
Carl Screams - Drums



all rights reserved


Dead Split Egos Chicago, Illinois

Hardcore from Chicago


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Track Name: Locke
One day I woke up with feeling back in my legs. It was the first time in months that I didn't have to pretend that I would walk away with my head held high, or even walk away at all. This time I had something to catch my fall.

I am the wolf, never the sheep. My past is not a reflection of me.

Never the sheep.

One day I woke up with feeling back in my heart. It was the first time in months that I didn't feel like falling apart. You've had your struggles and I've had mine but I'm finally starting to feel like I've left this all behind.

I am the wolf, never the sheep. My past is not a reflection of me.

I am the wolf, never the sheep.
Track Name: Light Out My Eyes
I've realized that mortality is real, it's right in front of me and now my eyes are open although it saddens me. I know it's just part of this cold life, one day we all just crash and die. Death stalks us all, there's no exceptions.

"This night has opened my eyes and I will never sleep again" was once said and now it rings true again. I never thought that this day would come but I know that it's coming soon. I don't wanna think about it anymore but I know that it is true.

Take the light out my eyes

Death is a mystery that solves everyone's mortality and though it seems that this light will go out, it never will.

I owe everything for those days spent alone when I just wanted to forget and move on. This will never be seen but I want it known that heaven knows, that heaven knows I'm miserable now.
Track Name: No Justice, No Peace
I guess we're not so special
To be fed and fattened like pigs
We're all coming to realize
You're just full of shit

The swine the swine the swine
have their eyes their eyes their eyes
on the prize the prize the prize
the ending of your life your life your life

just cooperate
There's not much you can do
just coexist
until you run out of room

you said "its just smoke and mirrors"
you said "You dont have to fear us"
"Its just bullets and bombs
But if you come near us
you wont come back alive"

have we learned anything?
probably not
this will happen again
oh it will happen again
Track Name: This Is My...
You're so fucking pathetic, I can't even think about you without getting sick to my stomach. You think that you can get away with all those things that you said without any repercussion, fuck you.

This is my formal message to your stupid fucking self, you fucking manipulative, lying piece of shit.

I hope I never have to see you again, I hope you're fucking happy now.

It's so moronic that you thought you could get away with saying that shit about my friends, motherfucker.
Track Name: Boomstick
I'd rather put a bullet in my head than listen to all the lies you've said. Spewing bullshit since the day I was born, it took nineteen years just for me to learn. Because I'd rather end my life and maybe on the day I die you'll be honest to me for once.
Track Name: Proof
My lungs are filled with sickness from inquiring minds disputing function. It's funny how the deaf expect us to listen or how the blind expect us to believe in what we cannot see.

I've spent the better half of my life believing in what they didn't expect me to believe. But, I'll never see eye to eye so don't even fucking try.

If I could remember a time in my life where I didn't get myself through it, it would be a goddamn lie. I'm not saying you're wrong but through my eyes you're from the the truth because if you need someone else to live what's the use? I'm not asking for judgement. I'm not asking for proof cause what do you have to prove?